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I Love

‘Funky Faery Bindis’,

After coming across her page on facebook I contacted this talented fae and we designed my ideal one together – decked out with moonstone silver and gold. Her designs are truly divine, they also go wonderfully with all of my hair adornments! I feel every inch the Goddess when I wear mine, she has so many beautiful designs I really recommend checking her out : Click here


'Issy Love Dreads'

This talented friend of mine makes the most incredible range of tie in and clip in dreadlocks, they are a wonderful way to play around with styles and colours without any harm to your own hair, I like to think that as well as my own designs they add to the beauty you already possess and are another way of expressing it. She uses both synthetic hair and wool and can make any colour and combination under the sun as well as straight, glittery and curly dreads! I love popping a few clip ins throughout my hair and adding one of my crowns, clips or fascinators; they are a winning combination which is why Issy Love & I often collaborate. If you would like one of my head-dresses or fascinators with some of Issy's dreadlocks attached just send me an email & we can create you something truly magical together. You can find Issy's creations at: Click here


'TPF Faerie Wear',

This magical deisgner creates the most FAE-bulous outfits for those who dare to be different and express their individuality. I modelled some of her enchanted wear at The 3 Wishes Faery Fest 2012 Fashion Show and I am now addicted to her raggle taggle tutus and bustles. Looking through Helen's designs makes me instantly happy, now that's a gift. See her wonders at: Click here


Wojtek the ultimate Graphic Designer

Check out his page at: