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The Artist

Atlantis Fae

began with a girl who was born into the human world, but was always aware of another…. Nature is the gateway and this little girl grew up with the trees and flowers beings friends who were just as real as any of her human ones. The inhabitants of this other world are the essence, the energy and spirit of the land, our great mother Earth. Atlantis Fae is of the forest and of the water, in her spirit she has the wings of a faery and the tail of a mermaid. Now she creates a range of magical things from Goddess crowns to Faery fascinators to Mermaid treasure. Her motto is simple:

Every woman is a Goddess and every Goddess deserves a crown

The magical headwear she creates is to help bring out the Goddess in any woman who dares to be different, but most importantly herself. Countless clients and customers have expressed how their Atlantis Fae head-dresses make them realize their own beauty and how special they are, for it is not the act of putting on a crown that makes one special, but the realisation that comes from wearing it, that they already are special and deserve to wear a crown. Every woman is a wonder and deserves to be crowned with flowers and the spillings of the Goddess, our Earth, her energy is shared amongst us and all living things. And so, every item by Atlantis Fae is hand crafted and most are one of a kind, just like you.

Atlantis Fae's mission?

Simple. To provide the world with both visual and spiritual stimulation and inspiration. Atlantis Fae believes people and this planet are precious, there is magic to be shared if you just open yourself to it and to others. Part of this mission is performing as well as designing and so Atlantis Fae can be found on various stages as a UK based perfomance artist specialising in Fantasy themed Burlesque and performance art as well as alternative modelling. With a background in acting and singing she has developed performance pieces which lift the veil between the human world and the magical world, with the aim of bringing magic to life with wings, dancing ribbons and a sprinkling of faery dust. 'Contact' for booking enquiries and details. As well as performing, Atlantis Fae has spent a lot of time behind the camera and backstage as a freelance make up artist working on theatre productions, music videos and short films for the past 6 years. Specialising in theatrical and fantasy make up, with the odd Bridal and 'event' make up job here & there, rates and enquiries can also be acquired in the 'Contact' section."

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